The Ginge Poker Academy is all the content given to students, and for a limited time includes peak performance. The Got Em Bundle is for maximum refinement, with over 86hrs of coaches going over Hand History Reviews, Play+Explains, Stat Reviews, Peak Performance sessions, and more!

The Academy itself is 13+ Hours Of Video & Audio content, however this is a very dense no-nonsense course. Sections have a lot of information in them and you will likely re-watch certain parts to cement your understanding and implementation.

You should understand basics concepts and terminology (PreFlop, CBet, Range, ext). We do not get deep in the weeds with solvers, however all of our strategies are solver backed boiled down in a no-nonsense simple to implement strategy.

This course is not to teach someone what poker is, it is to teach someone how to beat poker as fast as possible

You are someone who is winning in midstakes and is ready to move up as quickly as possible by working 1:1 with Ginge. 

Please reach out to Alex, our Operations Manager and former student, with any questions or concerns at afeld11@gmail.com.

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